LTL Advantages

No matter the size of your shipment, Woo Transport’s Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service has an efficient way to move your freight.

LTL shipping works for shipments between 100 lbs – the weight limit for most parcel carriers – and 10,000 lbs. LTL is an economical shipping solution for businesses who don’t ship in large volumes.

Your business pays only for the portion of space on the truck your freight occupies; other businesses pay for the space their freight takes, and you split the cost of moving the truck from Point A to Point B proportionally.

Rates for LTL shipments will typically be higher than the for full truckload or an per lb/mile basis for a number of reasons. 1) We will be making multiple stops for loading and unloading, 2) shipments may be dropped at a terminal close to the delivery destination so they can be loaded onto smaller trucks for the last mile of transport, 3) the route taken may also require detours for the shortest route to your freight’s destination to get other shipper’s freight to its destination or drop off terminals. For these reasons, you will find that LTL shipments will often take more time in transit.

When considering LTL, the savings over parcel shipping or full truckload far outweigh the slightly longer transit times.


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